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Rachel Phillips

Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk

August 7, 2008   Comments

Ever since we decided to do a fall SBMU in Columbus, Jennifer and I have been putting some serious miles on our local networking pedomenters.  Who knew our own backyard was so big!?

We've spent so much time traveling and speaking (if you're Jen) in other states for other conferences, that we never took the time to truly invest in "our own" as some would say.  I can honestly say we've been pleasantly surprised by the depth of what we found and the warm reception we've received into the online Columbus community.

After the OWL, Ohio Web Leaders , conference a few months ago, we realized how vibrant the social media and online marketing communities were here in our little "cow town".   It didn't take long for Jen to dig in with her social media skills and organize the first Columbus Tweetup .  A small but super-friendly group of Columbus tweeters gathered for some of the best BBQ in Columbus at the Pig Iron.  Not only are several of these individuals attending SBMU now, but they are people I am quickly beginning to call friends.

The Domino Effect and Why People Matter

As Jennifer has been working her online, miracle marketing mojo, I've been treading in some slightly more traditional waters.   I have joined two local networking groups.  The first traditional networking event I attended was through the CYP, Columbus Young Professionals club.  They hosted a speed networking "breakfast" (which consisted of some Tim Horton's doughnuts and weak coffee), but nonetheless, I felt overly compelled to check out the event seeing how we host our own Speed Networking Event.

Despite the early morning rise time, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the CYP  event anThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Positive Connections logo.jpegd met the person who led me to my second networking group.  Darrah Courter of ADM Benefits invited me to attend a local small business meeting called The Positive Connections Business Network.  Well, let's just say, I had a thoroughly positive experience at the meeting.  I was impressed with the way Randy and Kim Daniels conducted the meeting and held true to their mission statement.

You see, people have always been a priority for me.  I don't have an obsessive personality, and I don't tend to get overly excited about things, but I do, however, get excited about people.  And isn't that what networking is really all about?

After meeting Randy at the Positive Connections meeting, he invited me to an AmSpirit meeting, which is a pay-to-join professional networking group, and Darrah invited me to yet another group focused on women in business called Dames Bond.

I don't mention these things merely to create a list of the events I've attended.   I am trying to portray the domino effect that occurs just from putting yourself out there and attempting to meet new people.  It's very easy to sit behind our computer screens and "connect" with people all over the world, but there is still real value to be had in the traditional types of networking.

As a side note, I do want to personally thank all the people and groups who have opened their arms to the Search Engine Guide girls, welcoming us so warmly.

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