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Jennifer Laycock

Dirt Cheap Fares to Columbus for Unleashed

June 16, 2008   Comments

We're always looking out for you guys. (Which is not to be confused with always looking at you guys...a slightly creepy and very stalkerish thing to do...we're not stalkers...we just care...honest!)

Since we're always looking out for you guys, I wanted to share the email advisory I just received from Travelocity about an airfare sale in and out of Columbus. Since I know we've got some folks coming in from around the country (and or trying to budget to come in) I thought I'd pass the tip along your way.

Some sample round trip fares:

Baltimore, MD - $105
Birmingham, AL - $147 (that's for you Mack!)
Chicago, IL - $103
Dallas, TX - $225
Des Moines, IA - $175
Ft. Lauderdale, FL - $175
Kansas City, MO - $145
Little Rock, AR - $211
Los Angeles, CA - $191
Milwaukee, WI - $152
Nashville, TN - $111
Oklahoma City, OK - $245
Philadelphia, PA - $105
Phoenix, AZ - $185
Seattle, WA - $165

Check out the full list and get your flight booked.

I don't know how long these price will last, so you might want to jump on them quickly.

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