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Vickie Evans

Details, Details, Details!!

June 9, 2008   Comments

You may have heard the saying "The devil is in the details." It points out the importance of looking after all the little behind the scene items that can make an undertaking run smoothly or seem like a bad thrill ride. Conferences have more details than you can shake a stick at. Paying attention to all those details makes your conference run smoothly and lets folks know that you really are glad they came.

Last summer, Jennifer and Robert at Search Engine Guide thought the time had come for a new kind of conference for the small business owner--- a fun kind of conference where folks would learn a bunch of stuff they could really apply to their business operations.

However, both Jennifer and Robert work long and hard keeping the new and relevant information about all things web related on it's way to their readers. And if there is one thing a conference needs, it is someone to look after the details. Jennifer said " I know great speakers to invite and great topics to cover but when, where and how will we do this?

With 20 years of experience planning a major national junior camp and a dozen or more community Vacation Bible Schools, I knew the details could make or break your event, and I also knew I loved looking after the details. The volunteer in me shouted out "I will be glad to help you find those things, do cost estimates, keep track of the details if you would like the help" And BAM!! I became the Director of Events for Search Engine Guide.

Some of the details are important but pretty mundane, like what printer shall we use and do we have the logos for our event sponsors.Some of the details are a ton of fun, like going to check out the Gadgets Exhibit at COSI for the Charity Networking Event.

Thumbnail image for DSCF1436.JPG Or, having a taste testing at Polaris Grill  to select lunch and supper menus for the conference.Now that was a sacrifice for me, Jennifer, Rachel, but we worked long and hard for your benefit, and I know you will all love the food options. The Polaris Grill will also be the site of our Networking Dinner on Monday evening.

PolarisGrill.JPG As Director of Events, I have an opportunity to meet some great folks, both conference attendees and conference speakers.I am learning things every day. Even though I don't Twitter , I know what Twitter is ---even Plurk! I am even learning to blog!You can look after the details without really knowing about the content of the event you are working on. But learning new things has been easy, fun and exciting. I found that I can do this even if I'm not 25 any more!

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