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Jennifer Laycock

After Hours Fun at Unleashed

June 4, 2008   Comments

One of the things we've worked hard at with Small Business Marketing Unleashed is fostering an environment that is fun, friendly and open. While our speakers and staff are professionals in every sense of the word, they're also a load of fun. Even better, they're approachable.

Our speaking spots are "invite only." You can't pitch to join our team, you have to be asked. I have three criteria I keep in mind when picking team members.

1.) They have to know their topic inside and out.
2.) They should be able to explain their topic to their mother's without blowing their mind.
3.) They HAVE to be approachable.

Now, it's easy for me to say that...doesn't really mean you're going to believe me.

So, I'm going to be posting some video to the blog every now and then to prove just how "down to earth" our team is. You can't possibly watch these videos and not feel like you can approach people when they're done. ;)

First up is our dynamic duo. Rachel Phillips, our Business Develoment Manager and Stoney deGeyter, a speaker and our Associate Editor over at Search Engine Guide. I shot this video on a Monday night when some folks from the show were hanging out playing pool. (It also proves why you don't mess with Rachel.)

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