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Debra O'Neil-Mastaler

President, Alliance-Link

Debra O'Neil-Mastaler is President of Alliance-Link, an interactive marketing agency based in Williamsburg Virginia and focused on providing custom link building campaigns and link training.

In business since 2000, Debra offers a common sense approach to link building by combining traditional sales and promotional strategies with effective online search engine marketing tactics.

In addition to client projects and link training for Fortune 500 companies as well as a number of top SEO firms in the USA, UK and Canada, Debra is a featured guest speaker at the Search Engine Strategies Conference, has been a session presenter at the High Ranking Seminars and the Power House Linking Seminars which she co-owns with Eric Ward.

Ms. Mastaler holds a B.A. in Business Administration/Marketing and worked for over 15 years as a Sales and Promotions manager for a Fortune 50 company prior to starting her own marketing firm. In addition, she has written widely on search engine marketing for publications including her link building blog The Link Spiel.

In October 2005 Debra was elected to the Board of Directors of the Search Engine Marketing Association of North America as Secretary/Treasurer where she served until August 2006.

Debra will be speaking in the following sessions:

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