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Transportation - We'd Leave a Trail of Breadcrumbs...

...but there are an awful lot of birds and squirrels in Ohio. That means you'll need to do things the hard way. You know, GPS systems and print outs of Google maps.

trolly.jpgThe Quest Conference Center is located on the north side of Columbus in the popular shopping and entertainment district known as "Polaris." You'll find world class shopping, a giant mall, state of the art movie theatre and some of the best dining in Columbus all within a stone's throw of the conference center. The center is about a 20 minute ride from the airport and right off I-71. Create a custom map to find your way here, or stick with the general directions below.

From the Airport

Take 1-270 North to 1-71 North. Exit highway at Polaris Parkway exit. Turn right on Polaris Parkway. Turn Right on Pulsar Place. Arrive at Quest Conference Center.

A taxi from Port Columbus to the Polaris area should run you around $40. There are also several shuttle services offering transportation to and from the hotel. Rates vary and discounts are generally offered if you book a round-trip ticket ahead of time.

Driving Directions

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