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What do Past Unleashed Attendees Have to Say?

Sure, we think Unleashed is great, but we're a little biased. Don't take our word for it, listen to what our speakers and attendees had to say about the first Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference in Houston, Texas this past spring.

1sbmu.jpg"I can't tell you how many incredible people I met at this conference. Networking isn't really even the right word, because it goes beyond that. You will build incredible personal and business friendships. Overall, it was an incredible conference, and absolutely should be on your list of conferences to attend next year if you are a small business owner."
Scott Allen - Attendee, Hybrid 6

"Small Business Marketing Unleashed had easily the best panels of any marketing/business conference I have attended, and I was amazed at the learning environment that the speakers and attendees co-created. It was literally a Small Business Marketing bootcamp!"
Mack Collier - Speaker, The Viral Garden

"I was looking forward to Unleashed because it was a smaller conference (purposely) yet offered some of the best professionals in the industry as speakers. I knew the sessions would go into each topic in-depth and send me home armed with practical applications. And I wasn't disappointed."
Jackie Baker - Attendee, Site Logic Marketing

speakers.jpg"Based on the other conferences I've been to, I expected to sit in a room for two days, jot down some notes and head home. Instead, I left with a marketing plan, creative and cheap ideas to get ahead in a highly competitive legal market, a ton of new friends and a sense of empowerment as a small business owner."
Amber Tardiff-Watson - Attendee, Mininno Law Office

"Their dedication to every last detail created one of the best industry conferences I've ever attended. Everything from the pre-event networking, through to the very last session went off seemingly without a hitch. The only complaint I recall hearing was "I can't decide which session to attend, I want to see them both." That's not a bad problem to have."
Stoney deGeyter - Speaker, Pole Position Marketing

"I fully anticipate that Small Business Marketing Unleashed will become the premier small business online marketing event in the United States. We've needed someone to step up and take the lead in putting on such a conference. I can't wait for the next one."
Anita Campbell - Attendee, Small Business Trends

"I left the conference on Tuesday and flew home. On Wednesday afternoon I had an email going with one of the presenters about blogging guidelines to follow. On Thursday I had a clear path to follow from an expert. Does it get any better than this?"
Sam Snowden - Attendee, Recovered Balls International

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