Small Business Marketing Unleashed

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Creating the Speaking Team for Small Business Marketing Unleashed

mattm_teach.jpgThe speaking team for Small Business Marketing Unleashed is hand picked by Jennifer Laycock, the conference chair. Because our show is small and personal, we decide ahead of time what will be covered at each conference. From there, Jen taps her resources to find the best of the best (which means they know their stuff and they can explain it to their own mother without blowing her mind) for each show.

Session Pitches

Please do not send pitches for Unleashed. If you'd like to be considered for a speaking spot at an upcoming conference, your best bet is to make sure Jennifer gets a chance to hear you speak at another show or event. Since she can't be everywhere at once, you can also get a shot at being included by winning over one of her existing speakers. After all, Jen will be the first to tell you word-of-mouth works.

Paying to Speak

One thing Jennifer is an absolute stickler about is making sure there is no confusion about how people get on the speaking roster for Small Business Marketing Unleashed. You cannot pay to be a speaker during the general sessions or workshops at the Unleashed conference. The only time you'll see a company that sponsors the event speaking at the show is if they are speaking during a "sponsored" period like the charity networking event, the networking dinner, or during a non-classroom time like lunch. Unleashed attendees have Jen's word that if someone paid for the right to speak as part of the sponsorship, you'll have full disclosure when hearing them.

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