Small Business Marketing Unleashed

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Hand Selected Speakers at Small Business Marketing Unleashed

If there's one thing we're picky about, it's our speakers. We know there's nothing worse than shelling out a ton of money to go to a conference and then sitting through sessions that either leave your head spinning or your eyes closing. That's why we've hand selected each and every one of our speakers.

In fact, we think they're so great, we wouldn't dream of asking them to share the stage. You'll get a full hour with each speaker, so they can dig deep in to the topic they cover and still have time to answer your questions. So take a look at our lineup and click through to their bios to get the full scoop.

jenlaycock.jpgJennifer Laycock
Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Guide
More about Jennifer
Sessions: A Common Sense Approach to Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing Conversations, Viral Marketing Workshop

mattbailey.jpgMatt Bailey
Founder and President, Site Logic Marketing
More about Matt
Sessions: A Common Sense Approach to Online Marketing, Finally Understanding Analytics, Usability and Conversion Workshop, General Site Clinic

mattmcgee.jpgMatt McGee
More about Matt
Sessions: A Common Sense Approach to Online Marketing, Local Search Workshop, Free and Low Cost Tools

debramastaler.jpgDebra Mastaler
Owner, Alliance Link
More about Debra
Sessions: Link Building, Link Building Workshop

stoneydegeyter.jpgStoney deGeyter
President, Pole Position Marketing
More about Stoney
Sessions: Site Architecture, On Page SEO Workshop, General Site Clinic

heatherlmartin.jpgHeather Lloyd-Martin
President and CEO, SuccessWorks Search Marketing Solutions
More about Heather
Sessions: Creating Great Content, General Site Clinic, Copywriting Workshop

mackcollier.jpgMack Collier
Owner, The Viral Garden
More about Mack
Sessions: Blogging for Business, Blogging Workshop, Blog Clinic

christinechurchill.jpgChristine Churchill
President, KeyRelevance
More about Christine
Sessions: Paid Search Advertising, Keyword Research Workshop, Paid Search Workshop

sagelewis.jpgSage Lewis
Founder, SageRock
More about Sage
Sessions: Building a Community, General Site Clinic, Podcasting and Videocasting Workshop

christinakerley.jpgChristina "CK" Kerley
Founder, ckEpiphany Marketing
More about Christina
Sessions: BIG-Impact Branding (for Small Businesses), Connecting the Dots: Online (Brand) Reputation Management, Blog Clinic

michaelstebbins.jpgMichael Stebbins
President, Market Motive
More about Michael
Sessions: Outsourcing and Education, Email Marketing Workshop

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