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Small Business Marketing Unleashed Conference: Columbus, Ohio. September 22nd and 23rd, 2008

audience_view2.jpgWhat if you went to an online marketing conference and instead of going home with a notebook full of sound bites, you went home with a detailed plan of action to improve traffic and sales on your web site? What if instead of talking at you, the conference speakers worked with you to come up with a plan for your business?

That's exactly what happens for small businesses who gather together with some of the best and brightest minds in online marketing at the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conferences. Our first show this past spring in Houston was a smash hit, so we've decided to bring the show to the Midwest for a fall conference as well.

A Different Kind of Small Business Marketing Conference

Small Business Marketing Unleashed is planned by the team behind Search Engine Guide and Small Business Brief, two sites that have long devoted themselves to demystifying online marketing for small business owners. We've taken the feedback our readers have shared about other marketing conferences and decided to put our own spin on this event to help small business owners get the knowledge they need to market themselves online. Now that we're planning our second Unleashed event, we're also incorporating the feedback from our first show to make things even better!


Instead of hearing a panel of speakers share four different viewpoints, (leaving you to figure out which one is right) we'll give the stage to one expert who knows how to explain the nuts and bolts of their topic to the small business audience. You'll get the information that's vital to improving your online marketing techniques and you'll get it without the techno-talk and industry jargon so common to larger online marketing conferences.

On day two, we'll take things a step further, breaking the show down into intensive work-shops that actually walk you through the process of beginning to market your site. Whether it's keyword research, viral marketing, paid search advertising or a variety of other topics, our expert marketers will walk you through the actual steps of launching your online marketing campaign and will send you home with the knowledge you need to finish the job.

We've added two speakers, two new general sessions and seven new workshops to make sure Unleashed equips you with everything you need to know about marketing your business online.

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