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Connect Four and Connect with Us! - Game Night Unleashed

memory3.jpgAt most shows we've attended, everyone hits the sessions during the day and then either heads up to their room to work or goes to party after party in loud bars with blaring music. In fact, it's that blaring music that caused Jen to completely lose her voice at SES New York this past year. We've never really thought cranked up base was conducive to networking, but we love the idea of having some planned nightlife around a show.

That's why Monday night closes out with our networking dinner. The theme in Houston was "Fiesta Unleashed" complete with sombreros, maracas and a Mexican feast. In Columbus, we'll be closing out day one with "Game Night Unleashed." We've rented out the private patio at the beautiful Polaris Grill, a short walk from the conference center and hotels. There you'll be treated to a fabulous three course meal, an open bar and some classic games to spark the conversation.

gamenight.jpgIn Houston, we wowed the crowd with "Giant Memory." Teams of three went head to head in a game of Memory the size of Jen's living room. We've got another giant game up our sleeve for the Columbus event, but you'll have to show up to see what it is. Let's just say we'll have a classic favorite blown up to giant scale and there will be fun and fabulous prizes for those brave enough to take on the challenge.

So put your laptops away, leave your cell phones behind and come join us for a great night of food, fun and conversation!

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