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We Even Picked the Conference Center With You in Mind

arial_view2.jpgWe know you're coming to learn, and you can't do that without the right environment. That's why we've found a conference center that is perfectly suited to meet your needs. You'll find classroom style seating in our classes with an ergonomic chair and table space for every attendee. On top of that, you'll have free wifi access and a power cord for your computer. After all, what good is technology if you're left with no choice but to write things down on paper?

We've also made sure you won't have any trouble finding your way around. We've reserved one wing of the Quest Conference Center so you won't need to worry about following a map or asking twenty people where Ballroom 27 is. You'll walk out the door of one classroom and be able to see the doors of all the other classrooms. There will be time for exercise when you get home, while you're at Unleashed, you're going to want maximum time to learn and connect.

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