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Bringing Small Business Marketing Unleashed to Ohio

Those of you who live in Ohio are probably reading these pages and thinking "well geeze! It's about time someone brought a show like this to town!"

team.jpgThose of you who live in the rest of the world are probably reading these pages and thinking "Ohio? Really?"

Yes really!

This isn't an issue of Jen, Rachel and Vickie being lazy and not wanting to trek all over creation. Trust us, we like to travel. This is about bringing something to our home turf so the locals can meet all of you and all of you can meet the locals. Of course we had more reason than fact, we can give you twelve great reasons to come to Ohio. (That's two full reasons more than your standard Top Ten list. That's saying something!)

1.) The Midwest has a low cost of living which translates to lots of savings on things like conferences. Having the event in Columbus allows us to give you a great venue, amazing food, beautiful hotels and access to a world class show all while DROPPING the price from our last event.

2.) Like sports? We have a pro soccer team, pro hockey team, pro arena football team, minor league baseball team, and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

3.) Fifty percent of the United States population lives within five hundred miles of Columbus. That means you don't even have to fly here. At least half of you could make a road trip out of this conference.

4.) Ever stayed up watching late night television in the hopes Jack Hannah would show up with some hysterical and exotic creature? His zoo is here in Columbus you know, and it's world class.

5.) The conference center is 10.5 miles from Jennifer's house. (Ok, so maybe we're a *little* lazy.)

6.) Seven U.S. Presidents were born right here in Ohio. Oh yeah, you heard us, SEVEN. Isn't some little part of you curious to find out what it is that makes Ohio spit out so many leaders? Don't you want a little bit of presidential mojo?

7.) Think Midwestern towns are all alike? You clearly haven't been to Columbus. Want a dose of SOHO? Check out the Short North. Like a dose of Europe? Check out German Village. A dose of history? We've got Victorian Village. World class shopping? Head to Easton Town Center or Polaris Fashion Place.

8.) Two words: Buckeye football. (But don't worry, we keep a resident Michigan fan on staff so even if you're from the city up north, you'll have someone to talk to.)

9.) Columbus is a test market. That means we represent a great cross-section of America. It also means we get early access to new restaurants, products and services. In fact, Columbus has some of the best dining in the country. Jealous yet?

10.) Our state tree features a poisonous nut. Our state rock song is "Hang on Sloopy." Our state flag is the only one in the country that has it's own unique shape. If you haven't figured it out yet, all that adds up to mean "we're unique." (...and not in that "bunch of weirdo's" unique way, but in the "whoa, didn't know they were that cool" unique way.)

11.) Ohio fosters a quiet, but vibrant tech and marketing community. Central Ohio is chalk full of savvy small business owners, interactive marketers and social media addicts. Come and check out one of the fastest growing tech markets in the country.

12.) Did we mention Buckeye football? Oh, we did? Well guess what. It's worth two spots on any list. You can't possibly understand it until you've experienced it. (GO BUCKS!)

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