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Childcare is Just Down the Street

nora.jpgIf anyone knows what it's like to deal with the frustration of conferences when you have young kids, it's Jennifer. Both Robert and Jennifer are work at home parents and Jen travels an average of once a month to speak at conferences. In fact, Jen's son Emmitt has been on seven business trips with her and her daughter Elnora has been on two. Generally, that meant paying to bring along an extra helper who could keep her kids entertained while she was off attending shows during the day.

In fact, Jen's history of trying to fit in shows while still taking care of her kids was one of the motivating factors in bringing the show to Columbus. Jen doesn't leave her kids with just anyone, but less than a mile down the road from our conference center is Mango's Place, the fantastic drop-in day care center where her kids go to preschool. Jen has been trusting her kids to Mango's Place two mornings a week for more than a year now and it's where her little munchkins will be hanging out during the day while she's busy at the Unleashed conference.

Local parents will have no problem dropping their kids off before the show (Mango's Place opens at 8am) and those from out of town who are staying at the conference hotels can take advantage of the free shuttles to make the quick trek to Mango's Place and back.

mangoplace.gifFrom Miss Shari to Miss Tori to Miss Tia and Miss Sunshine, (yes, there really is a Miss Sunshine at Mango's Place) the entire team is made up of fantastic people who will take great care of your kids. Send them with a lunch and they'll take care of feeding them as well. (If you plan on using Mango's Place, please contact us so we can plan on having enough lunches delivered from Panera Bread for all the kids.)

Since Mango's Place is a "drop-in" childcare center, you'll simply need to call ahead of time and reserve space for your child. Rates are $8 an hour for one child and $13 an hour for two. Mango's Place has wonderful programs including craft time, music time, play time, reading time and an outdoor playground. For more information, please call Mango's Place at (614) 436-6306.

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